New Amani Booster

Site got a fence

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Temba is fixing the chainlink fence on the roof rack

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We rest a bit bevore Mombo

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We arrived at the rest house of Amani Resurch!

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"Cannon ball tree"

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...and morning tea in a small hotell in Amani

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Safari through the tea plantations

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The youth of the village is helping us to lower the fence poles

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And to carry up everything on the small mountain!

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Now they cement the poles

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And the children are watching from the tree

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Finally we show where the foundation of the transmitter hut will be.

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We are going down into the village again

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The Lutheran church of Makanya

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Way back to Amani

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Walk through the rain forrest bevore tea

                                                                              17. 1. 2017

We gathered all we needed for the fence of our new transmitter side in Amani: 6 wooden poles, chain link fence, barb wire, nails. Temba mixed the cement, sand and gravel and filled it into bags one for each pole. Then we loaded all into the office car.

We took off on Tuesday from Moshi. Coming close to Mombo we rested our legs some bit.

When we reached Muhesa we turned left the road leading up to Amani. The road leads up the mountain through the national park, where we had to pay entrence fees.

We were thankful we got accommodation in the Amani Research Rest house.

The next day we continued the journey to Makania where we had got the plot for the new Tanga transmitter site since years.

We are so thankful all the village helped us to bring all the material up the mountain!
All the poles and the fence were set and we finished work early!

PS.:You can find a vido of building the fence on: