A new Cable

for our Kivesi Booster

P_20160602_105400.jpg (61436 Byte)

Starting to take cable from the OB Van

P_20160602_105443.jpg (65887 Byte)

Way up to Lucas house

02-06-16_1058.jpg (66757 Byte)

Rest at Lucas house

02-06-16_1105.jpg (75682 Byte)

Through Licas garden

02-06-16_1106.jpg (90383 Byte)

First challenge: Lucas fence

02-06-16_1110.jpg (64297 Byte)


02-06-16_1112.jpg (77224 Byte)

Lucas has planted trees

02-06-16_1121.jpg (62923 Byte)

Coming to natural forrest

02-06-16_1209.jpg (95129 Byte)

In natural forrest

02-06-16_1230.jpg (86842 Byte)

02-06-16_1237.jpg (69671 Byte)

Reaching the gate of the transmitter plot

P_20160602_124044.jpg (72672 Byte)

02-06-16_1240.jpg (60710 Byte)

laying cable up to transmitter hut.

P_20160602_130124.jpg (78478 Byte)

Cutting the cable and connecting it

02-06-16_1402.jpg (65538 Byte)

Having something to eat to gain strength again.

02-06-16_1403.jpg (71676 Byte)

The cable is covered already!

02-06-16_1436.jpg (74367 Byte)

Butz the cable of the neighbour is not in the trench yet.

02-06-16_1448.jpg (84063 Byte)

Oh it curled!

02-06-16_1518.jpg (66655 Byte)

Connecting the cable to the electricity meter.

02-06-16_1534.jpg (67608 Byte)

Do we have a short on the cable?

02-06-16_1604.jpg (49522 Byte)

02-06-16_1614.jpg (71612 Byte)

They are still pulling their cable !








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