elct.jpg (3412 Byte)Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzaia

Meeting of all ELCT Pastors in Dodoma
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The Bishops greeing nearly 2000 lutheran Pastors

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Universita of Dodoma lecture hall

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No one needed to be hungry!

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The Lords supper closing the meeting

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Dormitories caring for nearly 2000 Pastors

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Afrer more than 10 years all pastors of the ELCT came together in Dodoma.

About 2000 lutheran pastors joined the march from the airport up to the lutheran Church in Dodoma, where they got greeted by the bishops.

The opening sunday service just outside the church was leaded by the leading bishop Dr. Alex Malasusa.

The meeting continued the big hall of the university of Dodoma.

Bishop E.Sendoro gave a excellent study "Our Wittnes" every day.

Professor Dr. Holmberg from Makuita University and Bishop Dr. Israel Mwakyolile gave an excellent introduction in the topic how the church is dealing the matter of homosexual couples.

Bishop Dr. Stephen Munga spoke about the stuardship of the Church.

There had bee many more contributions among many of Unity of the church, the women groups, youth groups, abot singing the liturgy correctly and how the church is planned financially. Please refer to the schedule at the bottom.


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Bishop Sendoro ;"Our Wittness"


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Dr, Holmberg talking about the church and homesexual couples

Listen to his speech

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Listen fo the speech

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Leading Bishop Alex Malasusa leading the Lords supper closing the meeting


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