Streaming Server

Winamp.jpg (17449 Byte)

WinAmp To listen our stream on the internet

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Every day we have a traffic of about  3,5 GBytes from the Listenes

Traffic 20120413.jpg (25609 Byte)

Suddenly the traffic went up to100 GBytes then it was shut down!

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With Filezilla we can create a new directory and upload the files needed

Firewallroules.jpg (38378 Byte)

Adjust the Firewall roules

PUTTY screen new.jpg (14198 Byte)

Start the server using the Putty Command prompt

19-04-12_1004.jpg (55967 Byte)

Defective power supply fan on the studio server


When we came back from Tanga we found a mail in the post box from 1&1 that our streaming server in Germany got hacked by a group trying to make an cyper attac to a Canadian server! They have shut it down not to cause even more trouble.

So we had not been on air any more in the internet!   And there is ready the world listening to our progrtammes in the internet. See at the pottom of this page some samples! What do do?

First we had to fill in a form that we take full responsibility about the trouble the server can do internationally and singn it.

After they received it they started the server again so we could work on it.

Unfortunately all programmes needed to be updated to newer versions. So it did not make any sens keeping the present version!

So I presed the button to reinstall the operating system new. After some hours it was ready!

But now we had to upload the programs again needed for the streaming server and adjust the initialize file.

Then we had to adjust the firewall to enable just the streamin server to use it to make further attacs very difficult.

Of course we had to start the streaming server...

... and we had been back on air again in the internet!

But unfortunately the stream had been sticking again and again. But why?

I looked at our server in the  studio delivering the signal to the one in Europe. And I found it boiling hot!

What had happened? The fan of the power supply got stuck and all the heat gathered inside!

I had to replace the power supply and put the server back again to service. Unfortunately it took some while since even the network board gave us some trouble.

But the stream was still sticky! Why? It took some time again until we found out: RF of the transmitter came in the network cable between the Instreamer and the network Switch. After returning the cable to the floor again the problem was cured!



If you look at the URLs of the Listeners you really are atonished from where all people are listening. Here just a short excerp:

<04/22/12@19:24:24> [dest:]
<04/22/12@19:25:07> [dest:]
<04/22/12@19:41:26> [dest:]
<04/22/12@19:46:43> [dest:]
<04/22/12@19:49:01> [dest:]Congo, The Democratic Republic of the
<04/22/12@19:50:11> [dest:]Russian Federation
<04/22/12@19:53:17> [dest:]Norway
<04/22/12@20:11:15> [dest:] Finland
<04/22/12@20:17:42> [dest:]Germany
<04/22/12@20:21:29> [dest:]Zain Tanzania, United Republic of
<04/22/12@20:30:08> [dest:]Congo, The Democratic Republic of the
<04/22/12@20:40:41> [dest:]Netherlands
<04/22/12@21:03:17> [dest:]Germany
<04/22/12@21:03:30> [dest: Netherlands
<04/22/12@21:03:48> [dest:]Australia
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