Tanga Transmitter

on air again!

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Amani mountains

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Brekfest in Mbuyu Kenda

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Arriving in Kisosora

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Good Friday church service

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Meeting with the pastor

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Cleaning transmitter hut, reparing battery charger

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Antenna Mast needs painting again!

On Good Thursday, April 21st 2011 we arrived in Tanga around 2 o´clock in the afternoon. We passed by the Tanesco office straight to buy a new application to get our own electricity meter there at Kisosora transmitting site. The other one got lost between Moshi and Tanga some where, and the seperate meter will help to keep the electricity costs of the Kisosora congregation apart from the costs for our transmitter.

Then we passed by the TTCL office to get the application form for a DSL line to connect the transmitter through the internet.

When we got our rooms at the Church hostel in Mbuyu Kenda we went to Kisosora. The transmitter was up and running, and LRC programmes could be heard! Unfortunately the battery charger was overloaded and did not work again. Since we left our spare one in Lushoto we had to repare it. Fortunately we had all the parts needed to get it working again. But now the battery is weak and needs to be replaced!

The pastor asked us to see him the next day after the Good Friday service.

After the service we had a good talk with him. He is absolutly willing to help the studio processing the seperate electricity meter and the TTCL DSL line, ans asked us to come to record the matereal needed for our programmes.

Since it was holiray already Martha went to see her relativs in Tanga and we spent the weekend on the shore in Pangani.