Transmitter Tanga

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Children of Pastor Kisosora greeting us

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Cleaning transmitter hut

09-11-11_1204.jpg (66660 Byte)

Telemetry Antenna

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Fiew towards Indian Ocean

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Amani mountains where we will move the transmitter

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Rusty mastbase

09-11-11_1208.jpg (70337 Byte)

Rusty junctions

09-11-11_1218.jpg (47653 Byte)

Rust hole in the second section from above

09-11-11_1245.jpg (52076 Byte)

At least make sure no more water is entering the pipe!




Tanga Transmitter Kisosora

We took off Moshi Wednesday 9th from Moshi in the morning and arrived in Tanga shortly before sunset. We thought we could stay over night in Mbuyukenda, the Church hotel. But unfortunately all was booked out. Even the hotel further on the road "In by the sea" where we stayed several times before had been booked out. We looked around, and even two morte hotels were booked out until we got a room for the night. The CCM Party had some activity in Tanga and needed the space!

In the morning we went straight to Kisosora. Unfortunately no program could be heard, but the transmitter was on air! Even though Mlalo had electricity the day before, it was off air again!

First we greeted the congregation pastor. Then I sat together with the treassurer of the congregation to fiddle out about what the studio still has to pay to get its own electricity meter and DSL connection. We started the process on Easter, but due to financial shortages we could not continue with it even though it would have been very necessary to improve the reception in Tanga. Electricity was failing often in Mlalo, and every time the Transmitter in Tanga was without program feed! And we could feed it easily by the DSL line using the Internet as we do with the transmitter in Morogoro!

Then I tried to return the Telemetry transmitter. Unfortunately the Battery charger was burnt out. I replaced it with one I had prepared in Moshi.

Now the radio worked again, We could hear the Telemetry transmitter from Mlalo, but Mlalo would not confirm the Data packages. I thought it could be a problem of high attenuation in the cable, and replaced the cable. But even replacing it did not help! The Telemetry Antenna looks great as well. Therefore we assumed there mustbe some reception problem in Mlalo, which we will follow up!

Climbing up and down the tower I got shocked about its structure: On several joints the rust has eaten part of the pipe. On the joints there is still the second pipe inside with its stability. But on one place, atthe middle of the second section from above, nearly all the pipe is eaten by rust!

All I cols do is to put some plastic foiul around it with fastening strips to prevent more rain water entering the pipe. We need to reinforce it as soon as possible together with the base of the mast to prevent the hole mast to come down one day on a stormy day!

And we have to plan to replace the hole antenna mast with its guy wires next year in 2012, since the antenna mast is still be needed to link up the tranmitter to the Amani mountains!