A New Antenna

Mast for Tanga

04-04-12_1441.jpg (70869 Byte)

Half of the antenna mast is on the new office car

20120405_132318.jpg (32733 Byte)

Lunch break near Mombo

05-04-12_1502.jpg (74164 Byte)

05-04-12_1814.jpg (49406 Byte)

We arrived on Thursday evening in Kisosora

05-04-12_1812.jpg (62873 Byte)

Pastors house

05-04-12_1813.jpg (59076 Byte)

Transmitter house

Since quite some time Fundi Macha has finished welding the new antenna mast for Kisosora Tanga to replace the one which got rusty.

We brought the fist 4 sections to Kisosora on Thursday the 5th of April.

We arrived in the evening the pastor just finishing the holy communion service before Good Friday.

The pastor helped us to place the mast sections in his store.

We are glad we got accomodation in Mbuyukenda until next day.