Cable trouble

transmitter Arusha

20-12-12_0918.jpg (59793 Byte)

Quite some traffic on the road bevore Christmas!

20-12-12_0920.jpg (61268 Byte)

The Kibo is overlooking everything !

20-12-12_0923.jpg (50510 Byte)

20-12-12_1007.jpg (49198 Byte)

We are getting closer to Mt.Meru!

20-12-12_1111.jpg (85516 Byte)

Debora is carying a new telemetry battery

20-12-12_1114.jpg (66838 Byte)

We reached the house of Luka, our watchman

20-12-12_1135.jpg (69376 Byte)

Climbing the Kivesi

20-12-12_1200.jpg (87042 Byte)

20-12-12_1202.jpg (80575 Byte)

20-12-12_1205.jpg (63144 Byte)

We reached the summit of about 2000m !

20-12-12_1335.jpg (58952 Byte)

Debora is filling destilled water in the batteries

20-12-12_1345.jpg (41516 Byte)

On full power again!

20-12-12_1441.jpg (66182 Byte)

Biscits as lunch


Before Christmas we had a series of trouble with the cable running up the electricity to our transmitter site on Kivesi close to Arusha.

Once it had been cut by bad people, then over voltage has killed the stabilizer and gave additional shorts on the ground cable.