Kivesi transmitter has a

diesel Generator now

15-06-16_0950.jpg (55588 bytes)

We are filling oil and diesel

15-06-16_0951.jpg (52924 bytes)

The director is switching on the generator the first time!

15-06-16_1010.jpg (78990 bytes)

Everything is loaded on the studio car

15-06-16_1018.jpg (68574 bytes)

15-06-16_1024.jpg (71678 bytes)

15-06-16_1250.jpg (52212 bytes)

Way up to Kivesi hill / Arusha

15-06-16_1329.jpg (83534 bytes)

Unloading the generator hut





 15-06-16_1331.jpg (74585 bytes)

Luka has already finished the foundation

15-06-16_1340.jpg (76044 bytes)

Assembling the hut

15-06-16_1357.jpg (74360 bytes)

15-06-16_1406.jpg (69459 bytes)

15-06-16_1427.jpg (68982 bytes)

15-06-16_1435.jpg (61202 bytes)

Drilling the plugs to hold the hut to the foundation

15-06-16_1459.jpg (79677 bytes)

15-06-16_1536.jpg (94612 bytes)

Putting on the roof

15-06-16_1537.jpg (55085 bytes)

Connecting the change over switch

15-06-16_1728.jpg (37657 bytes)

Change over switch

15-06-16_1621.jpg (89852 bytes)

15-06-16_1635.jpg (86406 bytes)

Putting the generator inside

15-06-16_1718.jpg (38272 bytes)

Even Luka is getting electricity from the generator

15-06-16_1729.jpg (66379 bytes)

Testing the generator