Booster maintenence





Lushoto1.JPG (19684 Byte)

Sunset above the sisal fields in Mombo

Lushoto2.JPG (19831 Byte)

Rafikis home in the car

Lushoto3.JPG (18868 Byte)

Tumaini Hostel in Lushoto

Lushoto4.JPG (27085 Byte)

Old internationale Schule

Lushoto5.JPG (23864 Byte)

Over there is Iman FM running on several kW

Lushoto6.JPG (20519 Byte)

Old school and the micro Booster

Lushoto7.JPG (17209 Byte)

Mikrobooster with receiver and memory battery

Lushoto8.JPG (15285 Byte)

Deo talking with the general secretary of the diocese about futute radio plans

Lushoto9.JPG (33867 Byte)

Tea time in front of the Pare mountains

                                                                                 09.09. 09

After 391km coming from Morogoro via Chalince  we climed up the Usambara mountains at Mombo at sunset. We were very lucky they still had two rooms left at the Tumaini guesthouse, one for Deo and one for us. At the supper we could see the General Secretary and plan the next day.

We went up to his house the next morning, on Saturday. It had been a school in former times, and at the toilette we had installed the booster for Lushoto.

It did not work any more because a strong muslim station interfered with its reception. We tried to attenuate the incoming signal until it worked again. We also had to replace the old memory battery for the receiver. We hope we get a satellite channel soon to overcome the interference problem on the Kenian side soon.

At lunch hours we left Lushoto and arrived back home in Moshi after 272km at six in the evening.