Live on Air:

60 Years celebrtation of first conference in Marangu

18-05-15_1107.jpg (64277 Byte)

Teachers training college Marangu

Säule.JPG (33964 Byte)

Finishing the column

18-05-15_1122.jpg (57282 Byte)

Site fiewing on Monday

22-05-15_0859.jpg (59012 Byte)

Preparing the OB Van

22-05-15_1004.jpg (69364 Byte)

Loading all the equipment needed


22-05-15_1412.jpg (53192 Byte)

Testing all equipment on site on Friday

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Starting live transmission

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Last meeting Producers - Technicians

P_20150522_162540.jpg (36758 Byte)

Adjusting VSat for internet connection

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Pastors and Bishops marching to the service

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P_20150524_100143.jpg (51263 Byte)

Realy many people from many countries!

P_20150524_134149.jpg (44133 Byte)

P_20150524_134244.jpg (53982 Byte)

Bishop Dr. Erasto Kweka

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Zawadi and Grace are moderating the service

P_20150524_113813.jpg (50912 Byte)

The keyboarder from Makumira

P_20150524_115523.jpg (45052 Byte)

Rev. Dr Elieshi Ayo Mungure Area Secretary for Africa

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Lords supper

P_20150524_134216.jpg (44260 Byte)

One of the choirs

P_20150524_135407.jpg (37852 Byte)

Bischop Malasusa

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Children watching us at work outside the "OB Van"



The Theme was:

"Marangu to Wittenberg: Being a Reforming Church in a Changing African Context"



Here is the schedule of the sunday service:


Here you can hear selected parts of the sunday service: YA JUMAPILI20150524.mp3


Here is a short video of all bishops coming to the service:

P_20150524_132324.jpg (66105 Byte)

The president of the Lutheran World Federation, who gave us the sermon!

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While diacon Deo is still editing the sunday service to be aired again at 17:00 hours Temba is removing the stands of the OB van!