Mto Wa Mbu

is getting a micro booster

25-01-13_1326.jpg (66261 Byte)

Ready to take off

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We fetch pastor Ole Nagole in Monduli

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Church in Mtu Wa Mbu

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Arrived at the old missionary house

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25 years frendship with the partner congregation in Uffenheim Germany

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Martin going to work

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proon the tree some bit

20130125_080353.jpg (56467 Byte)

Setting up the antenna pipe

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Everyone is helping

26-01-13_1316.jpg (50166 Byte)

The small Micro Booster station

26-01-13_1525.jpg (52286 Byte)Antennas in place

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We even brought gifts back to the studio from the


We took of on Thursday January 24th 2013 at lunch time.

In Monduli we picked up pastor Ole Nangole, the didrict pastor of this area.

It had been night already when we reached Mtu Wa Mbu. We were welcomed by the Congregation in the guest house next to the old missionary house. We got a delicious supper there.

The next day there was a Muslim holiday so we had many helping hands!

After prooning the tree we could put up the antenna pipe and fix it on the water tank concrete structure with bolts.

We fixed the antennas on it and brought the antenna cables down right into the small guest room especially set up for this micro booster.

Then we set up all needed down in the small room. We switched it on but- we could not hear anything! The transmitter in Arusha had not been on air because of a power cut.

While we waited to get receprion we checked the range of the micro booster. It is well covering the small village about 2 km up to the rift and disapears totally then with it. That is exactly how it was planned. Because of the rift we have to fill what is in its shadow.

The people from that village were so glad to listen to the Lutheran Radio centres programmes that they sent some of their products back to the studio: Sweet potatoes, coco nuts, and coocing bananas!


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Fiew to lake Manyara just 2 km further up the rift valley

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