Diocese in Mwanga

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Checking the new location on Friday

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Good mobile connection available

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The car as power generator using an inverter

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Our live transmission setup: A laptop with mobile internet connection and an USB Mixer

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Preparing for live transmission

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Deo interfiewing people bevor the service got started

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All the tents infront of the church are filling!

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Another choir arriving

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Dr. Frederic Shoo is opening the new diocese

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All the pastors and Bishops coming to the church

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The trompet Choir is at the end

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The director of Berlin Mission is preaching

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The new Bishop of Mwanka Diocese is blessed for his new work

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The new Bishop, Pastor Chediel Sendoro is doing his opening speach as bishop of the new ELCT diocese in Mwanga.

Here you find more details about him:


Preparing the live transmission:

We went to Mwanga on Friday November 4rth to see what we need for the live transmission. We planned where the car was parking as our electricity generator. Since we wanted to be independent of the public electricity supply, which is coming on and off often, we used an inverter connected to the battery of the car. There were at least 3 mobile networks having fast internet available, fast enough to stream audio having a good field strength. But we had to plan a longer electricity cable and longer microphone cables than originally thought.

The Sunday service putting the new Bishop :

We planned to start at 4 o'clock in the morning with the driver and the director Philemon Marc Fihavango, but we finally started at half past five. Since there was no traffic on the road we arrived in time as planned. After setting up our mixer, computer and microphones we tested our connection to the studio. Since it went well Deo and Judith, our producers, started to interview people live around about the event and tell the listeners about the history of the new diocese.
In the studio producer Temu had been at the controls supported by Martha, who is studying information technology right now, and by Barnaba and Debora as technicians.
During the Sunady service we had to switch to a second mobile internet provider since the first one discontinued its service for an hour or so. Even in the studio we had to change DSL lines twice and switch to a mobile provider for a while to continue the covering of the event.
Here you can download the full sized pictures and the audio files of the whole event: