Oldeani (Karatu) on air soon

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Oldeani seen behind Rift valley

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On the Gate of Ngoro Ngoro Crater

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Serena Lodge

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Park adminsistration

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Antennas on  Oldeani

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Village of co workers of the administration

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Ev. Luth.Church in the village

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Pastors house

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Guest house

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Baffalo in front of Guest house

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Massai meat for breakfast

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Park Admistration


We are very grateful Pastor Ole Nangole arranged the meeting with the Ngoro Ngoro Park officials in Impala hotel in Arusha on 25th of October. In This meeting we agreed with them that we would get some space outside the Vodacom fence to set up the Booster for Karatu and NgoroNgoro district. In Return we run a special Program, and make free announcements for the administration of this area. This brought us a big step further towards getting the transmitter set up on Mt Oldeani!

Now on November 1st 2011  we had been called to do the follow up with the NgoroNgoro administration.

First we, the director LRC and me fetched Pastor Ole Nangole in Monduli.

He, as the dean of the area, has prepared the meeting already with the pastor of the Lutheran parish up there. We were very much astonished when we were allowed to pass the NgoroNgoro gate just like that! Up to now I had to pay every time we had to get up to Mt. Oldeani even though we came for work, not for animal watching!

The park administration has many co workers. They have their own water supply, road building department, Rangers up to their own garage and petrol filling station! In fact there are so many co workers they have a hole village with a Lutheran and a catholic parish!

This evening we had a good talk with the pastor of the Lutheran parish there. He and one of his parish gave us good hints how we can improve the letter accompanying the request to put the transmitter on Mt. Oldeani.

We had been booked in the Guest house of the park administration this night. It had been basic but nice!

On the next morning we found buffalos grazing in front of the door! Even at the church Zebras were grazing! This is why the workers there can not have their own small garden, and every one has to buy his grocery from Karatu! The animals would destroy any garden!

Philemon got the chance to write a covering letter for transmitter space request on a computer. In the mean time the pastor had a wedding for a re union of a couple.

Shortly before noon we could meet the chief conservator and talk with him. He had been very positive and told us together with our letter his advocate will draft a contract between us and the park administration.

On the way home we passed at the Karatu Hospital and fetched the antenna system we already have brought there hoping to install the transmitter there for the time until we get permission to get it up Nt. Oldeani. We also have built a transmitter hut there already. This will be taken down again, and we re-use the door for the transmitter hut in the Amani mountains.

On the way back we were wondering how little water is in Lake Manyara. "This is because the many fields around Babati!" Pastor Ole Nagole knew. "The rain is taking all the soil down and the lake is filled up with soil now!"

Our next stop was in Mtu Wa Mbu. Pastor Ole Nangole asked us to look into the possibility of a micro booster for the town, because even after putting up the Oldeani booster this village will be in the shade of the rift valley and all FM stations are far away in Arusha!

So we checked and rally- our station in Arusha could be received up on the old Churches roof! So it should be possible to but a very low power booster there for our listeners around the church! The pastor also showed us a room where we could place the unit!

Shortly before reaching Makuyuni we saw a group of Giraffes beside the road. Not much further on a heard of Zebras was grazing. But finally we also saw some Elephants grazing near the road in the evening sun! "The animals are on their way from Serengeti via Lake Manyara to Tarangire National Park!" the pastor told us.

We returned Pastor Ole Nagole again to Monduli and arrived in Moshi again around 10 o’clock at night safely!


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Karatu Hospital

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Load antennas

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Lake Manjara is low on water

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Mto Wa Mbu old Church

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Tere is some space on the water tower!