Pentakoste 2009

                                           May 23rd  2009


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"Christo Mfalme"-Church in Moshi town. The altar in front of the main entrance

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More and more people coming

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Our O.B.van

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The Altar is getting decorated

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Pastors of all denominations

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Now we are live on air

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Every one is singing with the choir

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and many came forward to the altar to be prayed on!

Today we had a live transmission of a big interdominational prayer service infront of the church "Christo Mfalme" in Moshi town.

On Friday we started preparing the live tansmission. We checked with the people in charge where to place the OB-Van to make sure all cables were long enough.

This morning on Pentacoste Monday we collected all necessary items at the studio and brought the OB Van to the church.

It had been the first time here the Catholiks, Evangelical Lutherans and the pentacostals where celebrating Pentacoste together in a big prayer service.

The Service should have started at 14:00. But many people were still coming. Finally there were at least 3000 people at the place!

Every preacher of each denomination had a small bible text, a short explanation and a prayer. The pentacostals made the hole congregation stand up and get to the altar.  Many came forward ! The preacher prayed for every one.

Around six in the evening the service was finished and we could take down and store everything again.

We prepaded parions of the service in the studio for an repetition up to eight o clock in the studio.