Same Booster back on air         

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Narrow road leading up to the Paare mountains

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Over there is the Lutheran Church, and from there the cable runs up the mountain above right to the transmitter side!

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Our electricity meter and the one of the church congregation

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The way up...

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Excellent fiew over the Paare mountains up to the plains of Kibaya

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A cow has cutted the wire!

v9.jpg (94676 Byte)

Jonathan is connecting it again

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Reparing still several other splices

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                                          7. 12. 2010

The transmitter up on Shengenna failed several times the past weeks, but the local staff there could get it on air again. The cable had been cut by stone slids during heavy rains, and the electricity had been cut and had to be paid.

But this time we wanted to make sure it is well on air during Christmas season. So we planned to get there on Tuseday.

The steep and narrow way up there was wet but not slippery. So we reached up there easily around noon.

Fortunately we found electricity to be there at the Lutheran Church. Bt the transmitter was not on air!

What had happend? We went up half way and did not find electricity there. So we went down again some bit until we found the problem:

The poles holding the cable up in the air were rotten. The cable had been just about 1m above the ground. A cow had pulled on the cable running up and had cutted it at a splice.

Jonathan connected the wire ends again, and the transmitter was on air again!

But we had to redo several other splices on the way up, to get the full voltage to the transmitter site.

We redid a soldering joint on the antenna cable we left out during installation because of icy winds. We also replaced the telemetry modem and made sure the telemetry unit is functioning again.

Around six o clock in the evening we returned home again savely.


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We resoldered one plug at the antenna cable

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The SWR is excellent!

v15.jpg (62568 Byte)

Even the telemetry unit is working again!