We need help to repair the generator!

Kidia2.JPG (62407 Byte)

Kidia1.JPG (74658 Byte)

Sauti ya Inili on 92.2 MHz

Kidia3.JPG (49294 Byte)

Battery bank

Kidia4.JPG (48606 Byte)

Mounting the solar panels

Kidia6.JPG (12865 Byte)

Kidia5.JPG (13302 Byte)

Moving the UBS 48-D to its place


Manual.JPG (14572 Byte)

Manual but without schematic diagram


Ref.: Schematic diagram for BEST UBS 48-D


 High up the mountain Kilimanjaro the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania runs an FM station connecting another 10 transmitters in the North-Eastern part of Tanzania.

During the rainy season you can just access it by foot. It is solar powered with a 48 V battery bank. If bad comes to worse and the solar power is not sufficient a Best UBS 48-D is powering the load, and we always could rely on it to keep the transmitter on air on all circumstances.

Unfortunately a technician reversed the starter battery now. Everything is still working except that the internal computer can not measure the voltage of the starter battery any more. We think the error must be between the battery and the A/D converter on the processor board. But which wire connects those two ones?

I assume the UBS 48 D is not manufactured any more, since we could not find it in the internet any more. But when we could get the schematic diagram of the processor board we could trace the faulty component and replace it.

That would make the power supply of the transmitter as reliable as it used to be.

Thank you so much for all the help!


Please contact: martin@elct.org or radio@elct.org  



Generator1.JPG (51644 Byte)

Deo taking the generator apart

Generator3.JPG (51995 Byte)

The control board just under the display.

On this board the analog input meassuring the starter battery voltage is not working again.

Which wire feeds the voltage to the board, and where is the voltage devider, the analoge multiplexer or the A/D converter ?

Generator2.JPG (40118 Byte)

At the present we "remote control" the key switch to start and stop the generator

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