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New Solar Modules for Kilimanjaro Transmitter

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Hii ni Sauti ya Injili kupitia Trans World Radio

Praise the LORD!

September 14th 1997

today we went up again to our transmitter site on Kilimanjaro because many people talk of much rain which is coming. Because all new batteries are connected now, we wanted to start to fix the new solar modules to replace the stolen ones.

I used my rainkeep since everything was wet when we left the car at the camp about 2 km away from our transmitter side. The way was very muddy and slippery. So we were glad we brought all up the day before.

Because the antenna mast was still slippery due to the moisture, we had lunch first.

After it was dry we had to remove the remaining parts of the pop rivits first before we could drill holes in the panels to rivit them newly. Therefore Tember carried an inverter, Deo a long extention cable, and I had the electric drill in my backpack. The inverter was connected to the battery and we pulled the drill up to the solar wings with a long rope.

Then Temba fixed one solar module after another on the long rope, while Deo and I pulled them up and rivited them to the solar wings.

In the time from 12:30 to 17:00 we managed to fix 4 of the new solar modules haviong twice the size of the old ones.

Since we had still a long way down, we locked all the the tools in the transmitters room and went down to the camp, where we got our care again savely.

The next journey we have to come up with a heavy wintch to lower one of the solar wings to reach to the end of it to fit one of the solar plates there.











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