Assembling Antenna Mast

  Already in 1997 two building engineers and one Architect put their minds together in Aldein to construct an antenna mast suitable for the work.   PIC00002.jpg (74126 bytes)

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Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania

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Architects assisting mast calculations

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  A prototype antenna mast had been sucessfully tested at the temporarily at booster site in Machame.
  Now the 'real one' had been assembled piece by piece next to the studio building.
  Fundi Macha had been very busy with his colleagues to cut and drill the angle bars.
  All the materials had been purchased in Moshi   at Northern Traders buying the angle bars in Dar Es Salaam.
  The antenna mast was completely disassembled an carried up to Kidia with the Landrover of Protos.
  Up there on site Macha, Protos and Sungura helped to assemble it again