Repearing the Antenna 22-7-2003

  Since quite a while we noticed, that the signal from the Kidia transmitter is getting weak.

Then the transmitter started to oscillate giving various sounds.

Analysing the telemetry data showed that the antenna has a trouble. The SWR was so bad, that the transmitter started to reduce the power.

On July 22nd we went up to the transmitter site, but we got stuck on the way. First a Tree laying acros the way had been removed. But just a bit furter on the car refused totally to move on, just sliding sideways.

By foot we reached the transmitter, and could repait the antennas.

We found even another problem: The generator battery was too weak to crank the generator, and it needs to be replaced.

Shortly before we left the site, the sun came out warming us nicely.

We had been thankful, that the transmitter went on air again as normal serving so many million people with the Good News.

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Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania

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