At Kidia Site


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After getting the permission to build in the forest reserve above Kidia digging the whole started in October 1997.

Unfortunately unusual heavy rains "El Nino" made it impossible to bring building materials up to the site unto July 1998.

Many tons of stones, gravel and sand had to be transported to site, while the way up was still slippry

Only with the ingenuity of some young fellows all the load could be transported to the site. They took all the body of their Land Rover off, to reduce its weight, and equipped it with 4 snow chains to get the required tracktion.

After putting some cement floor  in the whole the steel work could start in September 1998.

To reduce building costs the mast base is made hollow to hoist the generator, the batteries and the transmitter later on.

The pillars had to be poured first, then the brickwall could be continued.

The "Roof" is beeing built including the top ring beams.

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