New Antennas for the Kidia Booster

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Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania

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The old antenna at our transmitter site in Kida gave us many trouble, because the feeder broke many times in the wind.

Therefore we decided to replace it with a new antenna having a stronger feeder system.

The Antennas got asembled at the studio site after we waited 2 years for the new aluminium pipes.

Then each antenna got tested to find out the right feed point for best match.

Also the horizontal and vertical patter got plotted to make sure the antenna radiets the power in the desired direction.

Then the antennas gor disassembled to bring them up, and reassembled at the transmitter site.

Of course the old antennas had to be taken down before.

Fundi Macha did all the hardware work on the antenna, and our driver Temba had been working on the antenna mast to bring the old antennas down and the new ones up.

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