Booster for the Tanga Region

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Fundi Macha and Lyatuu are preparing the transmitter hut

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The antennas are assembled and tested in Moshi

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Students of the secondary school helping to carry up equippment

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  Building the Booster on Seguruma Mountain

Many things had to be prepared before we could set up the booster on the Seguruma mountain close to Mlalo in the Usambara mountains.

1. In the USA the transmitter was tested, and disassembled for shipping to Moshi      by HCJB / Trans World Radio engineers.

2. The antennas and cables were prepared in Moshi and tested.

3. The transmitter's hut was built and disassembled again for transport in Moshi

On September 27th 2000 Chakusaga from the Church Office and Pastor Ficha organized many people helping to carry all the equipment up the Seguruma mountain. Among them many boys from the Secondary School and many Senjors of the congregation.

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After a short prayer led by Pastor Ficha the transmitter hut was assembled and the antennas set up.

We have the broadcast licence now !

The frequency is 102.6 MHz !

We installed the new antenna !

Digging the cable

Putting the transmitter

Forrest Fire destroys cable

Reparing telemetry

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Crew putting up the booster and its Antennas

elct.jpg (2467 bytes)Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania


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The location of the booster on the Seguruma mountain can bee seen from the church office in Mlalo

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Short prayer by Pastor Ficha before setting up the booster

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Assembling transmitter hut

Finding the appropriate Site