Micro Booster Monduli  
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This mountain rich prevents the people in Monduli to get Radio Sauti ya Injili clear!

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Old Lutheran Church in Monduli, and the new one in the backgroud!

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Assembling the receiving antenna.

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Connecting the transmitter antenna to the pipe mast

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Erecting the pipe mast

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Placing the micro booster in the church`s office

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Just imagin:

A single congregation is soo keen on listening Redio Sauti Injili, that they collected enough money to purchase a small device to make it audible behind the mountain rich there!

On 22-07-2006 we had all parts together to drive to Monduli to set up the micro Booster!

We set up the micro booster next to the church office. But it should be integrated into the new church tower planned in the future.

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Mt Meru, im Hintergrund Kilimanjaro und rechts Kivesi, der Berg auf dem der Arushasender steht

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