Welcome in the recording studio of the Lutheran Radio centre.

It is located in the ground floor of the building. For people having difficulty to walk you can easily enter it through a back door from your car.

The studio is one of the very few floating studios in Africa. It is built as a room inside the house having its own foundation, walls and ceiling with a lot of sand on top of it. Together with the extreem quite air conditioning and the sound lock doors the studio is extremly qiete with no noise entering from outside.

We have to leave the shoes outside to care for the carpet floor!

We also have a small narrator studio next to the big recording studio even having its own control room.

If you want to book the studio for recording just arrage a time and date with Barnaba.



20091019_112800.jpg (44204 bytes)

A Maassai Choir visiting us

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Shoes have to be left outside to save the carped floor

DSC00064.jpg (45533 bytes)

The director explaining the control room to a school class

DSC05033.jpg (47061 bytes)

Barnaba recording a choir

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Recording of a guitar track

26-03-14_1044.jpg (52299 bytes)

Creating a sound track

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Artists listening to their creation

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A school choir beeing recorded

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A drama group preparing itself for recording

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A Maassai choir

DSC01536.jpg (34865 bytes)

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Musicians creating a soundtrack

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Live studio 2 in the bottom

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Small narrator studio

DSC05023.jpg (39451 bytes)

Music archive with more than 2000 tapes