Arusha Booster
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Kivesi hill (abt 2000m) NE of Arusha City Centre

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Arusha seen from Kivesi hillKivesi_4.jpg (20807 bytes)

Digging Antenna mast foundationKivesi_6.jpg (26951 bytes)

Crew after completing the antenna work

Robbery January 11th 2002

The transmitter is back!!

  We are grateful to Northelbian Mission in Germany not only donating the transmitter for Arusha, but also helping with the Plot and the transmitter Hut on the new transmitter location on the Kivesi Hill North East of the City Centre of Arusha.

We are also very grateful to "Radio Habari Maalum", who made it possible to get the vital electricity pulled up here.

We are thankful to Trans World Radio helping us to pay the US$ 2000 licence fees for that transmitter.

Due to better propagation to the Northern part of Arusha and better accessibility of public electricity, the Arusha booster site got moved to Kivesi hill in June 2000.

( see Arusha Booster History)

Construction of the transmitter hut took up to October 2000.

On October 5th we moved the antennas up the Kivesi hill.

On Christmas 24th, 25th and 25th 2000 We ran the transmitter on generator. After Christmas we got permission to connect the transmitter to a nearby client of the electricity company TANESCO.

The cable up the hill got eaten several times now by small animals. The congregation St. Nikolai/Germany helped us to buy a proper armoured ground cable!  

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Mt. Meru towards the North of Kivesi Hill

Fund Raising Campaign on April 14th in Arusha

New Transmitter for Arusha!

Antenna replaced and replaced again

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Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania

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Kivesi Hill from the bottom

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Fundi Lyatuu is preparing the roof in Moshi

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Reassembling the roof at the hill

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Back on air !

New Antennamast1

New Antennamast2

Problems with the power cable