Booster Kibaya  now on air ! 2002
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The booster for the big Maasai area between Arusha, Morogoro and Dodoma is now working!

When we waited to set off to Kibaya with the Lorry Monday September 16th, we got unexpected very heavy Rainfalls in the Northern areas of Tanzania. How should we pass those rivers now without bridges? Since the rains continued even up to Wednesday, we could not pass the shortest way to Kibaya. We had to use the Tarmac road, passing all the way to Chalinze, Morogoro towards Dodoma!

So we loaded the container onto the Lorry on Wednesday October 18th. Unfortunately we had to take the heavy battery cells out of their boxes, since the crane mounted on the lorry did not carry the container with the battery inside. It was risky, since it is easy to break a single cell lifting 46 of them around. And placing the Battery cells in our transmitter up the Kilimanjaro, we broke already two of those heavy cells!

We took off on Thursday September 19th. Just to get on the road with the 18 ton Lorry was already difficult, because it was sliding with the mud, and did not pass under the trees with the high load! So when we left Moshi town it was already 11 in the morning. Due to several police stops it took up to 10 at night to come to the road junction connecting Dar Es Salaam with Morogoro in Chalinze. This time the Police stopped the Lorry for over an hour. We had to pay a fine of 60000 Tsh. because the paint of the Lorry was not perfect any more, and the tires shows traces of shark stones. Around 1 o'clock we reached the ELECT Junior seminary totally exhausted. But we were glad to be received friendly just like at home!

The next day we continued the safari. But the Landrover had to pass the garage, because the Alternator made some strange noise. The rear bearing had to be replaced, since it ran hot! We are so thankful we got immeade help in the Anglican garage!

We arrived in Kibaya shortly before Sunset. We were glad to be warmly welcomed in the Pastor's office. Since the Lorry was too big for the entrance it had to stay over night at an government place. All the accommodations were well prepared.

Early next day we set off to the 'Posta' mountain. It is called so, because the telephone company has a telephone relay up there. The way driving up there is narrow and very steep. The Landrover proceeded to show the way in the high Grass. On many places the Lorry had to go backwards again to make the sharp U turns. On many places it was even quite dangerous, because the rock changed to gravel under the tires of the heavy load close to the steep edge. No big lorry like that ever made the way up there yet! But God helped the driver to reach the top safely.

Immeadely we started to set up the Container on its concrete filled barrel legs behind the post relay tower. Shortly before sunset the Lorry driver even helped us to get the antenna mast up with the crane, after lifting the container on its new feet and putting back the batteries to its stand inside the Container.Unfortunately it was not possible to bring down the Lorry that night, because it was dark at that time all ready. The driver waited to very early next morning to bring down the lorry safely!

On Sunday morning the Sunday service of Kibaya took place on the mountain. We are thankful the government assisted with transportation, to help bringing people there. During this service every one prayed for the booster to be working fine.

The next days we had to connect the batteries, finish the antenna mast, putting the antennas, putting the solar strand, and the PV modules, finishing the roof, putting the fence and the gate. We are so grateful for the many people (10-20) coming with us up the mountain every day  to help us with the big work, and of course the watchmen from the TTCL postrelay assisting us! 

The transmitter could be heard starting on Wednesday, but became noisy every noon, when the signal of the mother transmitter faded out. The 240km over the horizon path from there made the connection uncertain. Fortunately the signal from our Transmitter in Same could be heard much stronger there. So we switched to that, and the reception became clear around the clock!

On Friday a team in Kibaya got an introduction on all installed equipment, to be able to help in case we should get technical difficulties.

When we drove back to Moshi on Sunday we passed Orkethmet, crossed the Ruvu river, and had a great few of Mt. Kilimanjaro in the sunset about 150 km before Moshi! We were glad and thankful the transmitter is on air there finally and serving so many the Maassaai area.. And we get  so many phone calls from there in our telephone call in program!

We are grateful that 'North Elbian Mission' in Germany had collected the money needed to build the transmitter.

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