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The antenna mast of the studio linking to the transmitters

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A wonderful fiew from up there towards Kilimanjaro!

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The electronic workshop reparing a transmitter

DSC05022.jpg (37106 bytes)

Computers waiting for maintenence

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Batteries support the live studio and all IT facilities all the time to make sure we are always on air even if the power fails.

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Temba is starting the generator when electricity fails

DSC03461.jpg (54022 bytes)

A group of techicians installing a new dish to connect to TWR programmes

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Fundi Macha mounting a C-band dish

PIC00054.jpg (56387 bytes)

Anderson connecting the feed horn to connect to TBC programmes

DSC05027.jpg (51355 bytes)

DSC04110.jpg (33670 bytes)

Renovating the recording studio

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DSC02907.jpg (58107 bytes)

Building the new Live studio

DSC02917.jpg (61484 bytes)

The new live studio is getting ready


Welcome in the workshop of the Lutheran Radio centre.

It is located in the ground floor of the building.

In the workshop we build and repair the equipment we need for our studios and transmitters.

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Building the antenna mast for Kidia

PIC00006.jpg (78010 bytes)

Preparing the antenna mast for Kibaya Transmitter