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1.Radio Programmes to share and listen again:

All Radio programmes are available on CD as .MP3 files, or can be copied into youer phone or flash memory.

Download Radio programmes

Listen what is on air right now on FM( you need WinAmP!)

If you do not have WinAmp yet you can download it here

Rate card for programs on air

2.Choir music on CDs or DVDs:

Here our special Christmas Offer "Chistmas Present"

Zawadi ya Christmas2a.jpg (65351 bytes)

If you are still looking for a nice christmas present for a loved one of you this may be a good idea!


The studio is assisting in recording Choir music since 1962. It has of the best floating studio in Tanzania and experts to record single or multitrac.

The Choirs are the owner of the production. Please contact us, we will get the CD for you from the Choir!

Here our newest productions:

Watani Sound

Mch. B.Msangi


Samweli Akyoo

Ivuga choir


Abel Justin


Here some sample songs:

Sample song Usharika Wa Neema (1.6 MBytes )

ELCT Junior Seminary Morogoro (1.3 MBytes)

Check the Lutheran Radio Centre Archive

-need more? please request!

3. Videos produced in the Lutheran Radio Centre.

- Faraja Diaconical Centre: 'Drug Use'  In this video a group of students discuss the problem of drug use among their age group. The language is Swahili and duration is nearly 20 minutes.

- Children reporters making programmes at the Lutheran Radio Centre

Download this Video ( 31 MBytes!)

- Flying around the Kilimanjaro in a small plane is a very impressing experience. A technician of of the Lutheran Radio Centre got the opportunity to board a plane of the Moshi flying club with a couple of biologists making pictures of the rain forest. The comentary is in German Language and duration is about 20 Minutes.

Download this Video ( 218 MBytes!)

- If you plan to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro here you can get some impression on how it looks like up there. One staff member of the Lutheran Radio Centre installed a weather beacon transmitter in nearly 6000 meters on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. There are up to now many unseen pictures in this 28 minutes video clip. The comentary is in German language.

Download this Video ( 287 MBytes!)

There are many more videos available. We would be glad if you would let us know your whishes.

Our e-mail address is

You get the public relation officer under the following phone number: (+255) (Tanzania) (0) 27  27 52772

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CD Production:

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